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Dec 17 2017

How to deploy VMware VCSA 6.5 in VMware Workstation 14

Looks like VMware Workstation got to version 14, and starting with this version we get a new neat feature, and that’s support for the VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). Previous to this, if we wanted to run VCSA in VMware Workstation we had to import the appliance from the .OVA template, then

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Nov 21 2017

Restricting virtual machines in VMware Workstation

Many times, especially in a development environment you need to share your VMs with a partner company or with an external contractor but you don’t want those machines to work like forever or be modified. You will want to put some restrictions on them.

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Jul 27 2013

Building an Active Directory (AD) Test Lab using VMware Workstation

Building an Active Directory network in VMware Workstation is a piece-of-cake for those that master the program. If you are a newbie, you might want to read on. In this article I’m going to show you how to build an Active Directory lab, based on my experience with VMware Workstation. The best thing for you …

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Feb 09 2013

Configuring networks in VMware Workstation

If you are using VMware Workstation you will definitely came to the point where you need to configure or create new virtual networks. Is not science, but if don’t understand how is working you’re in a bit of trouble creating proper labs and working with them.

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Dec 22 2012

Cloning Virtual Machines in VMware Workstation

If you are using VMware Workstation to test things, you definitely want to clone your systems. Why ? Because you don’t want to install a Windows 7 or Linux system every time you need to power up multiple instances of those machines. You just go trough a wizard and at the end you get an …

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Dec 16 2012

Creating Snapshots in VMware Workstation

One great feature of VMware Workstation is the ability to take snapshots of your VMs. This means that you can go back in time. Yes, that’s right. If you take a snapshot before you install a program on that VM and the installation goes bad, you can revert to that snapshot and your VM will …

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Jan 06 2012

Install VMware (vSphere) ESXi 5 in VMware Workstation 8

I think you already installed VMware Workstation 8 on your PC, as a result of the new features. Version 8 has native support for VMware ESXi 5 meaning, you can run ESXi servers inside VMware Workstation without hacking the .vmx file. The good news, is you can create and run 64bit VMs inside that virtualized ESXi server which runs in VMware …

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Dec 13 2011

Creating virtual machines with VMware Workstation 8

OK, so you heard about VMware Workstation and what it can do for you, but now you need to start using the program; ohh and by the way, if you have no clue about VMware Workstation please read this post then come back here. Now I’m going to show you how to create virtual machines …

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Dec 12 2011

Install Hyper-V inside VMware Workstation 8

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and is finally here, and you may ask why. Well I had to do a lot of labs with Hyper-V and I just din not had the hardware, OK…the money for the hardware. Now I can create my labs without barriers on a single host using …

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Dec 11 2011

Install VMware Workstation 8 on Windows 7

Many of you might wonder what is VMware Workstation and what this program can do for you. VMware Workstation is a virtualization product that let’s you run multiple operating systems at the same time using a single physical machine. Long story short …you need to test some applications and for you to able to do …

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