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Aug 15 2013

Creating an Active/Pasive SQL Server Failover Cluster

In a production environment you can’t afford downtime, well…not for hours anyway. If one of the servers stops or crashes, most of the applications in that production environment will stop working. Off course, you have a recovery plan. But what if those applications are using a database, and the database server crashes ? Your recovery …

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Apr 13 2013

Move a SQL database from one server to another server

Sometimes you need to move/migrate your SQL database(s) from one server to another, or just copy that database from a production environment to a test one, or vice-versa. Maybe you want to upgrade you SQL environment to the latest version, and a migration is preferred instead of in-place upgrade because of a few things, like:

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Feb 02 2013

How to install SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012

Now that both, Windows server and SQL server 2012 are out, I thought¬†I give it a try to see how they match up. The installation of SQL server in this guide is a simple one, meaning there is not going to be an installation inside a Failover Cluster, and all the SQL features will be …

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