Adding Disks and Tape Libraries to DPM 2012

To be able to use DPM after the installation, you need to add some disks and tapes on your server, to keep the backups. Without storage DPM is useless. Since I can’t afford a SAN, I will use for this demonstration an iSCSI connection from iSCSI StarWind Target. If you want more information about StarWind iSCSI Target please read the documentation or follow this part of the guide, to see how to set up the iSCSI drives in Windows.

Since we have the storage now we need to prepare the disk. Open Disk Management, right-click the disk and choose Online, then right-click it again and choose Convert to Dynamic Disk, because DPM works only with dynamic discs. If your disk is basic, you will not be able to add it in DPM.


Now open the DPM 2012 console, go to Management, click the Disks link, then hit the Add button.

From the Available Disks list select the disk you want to add (if you have more than one) in DPM and hit Add and OK.


Now you can see the disk in DPM, ready to store backups. You need to look at the Unallocated space, it should be 0% (zero), if is not, you have some disk problems.

You can back up your applications, but those backups are only stored for small period of time on the DPM disks. For a longer storage period (archiving) you need to add tapes to DPM. Let’s do that. On the Management section click the Libraries link, then hit the Rescan button. Off course your tape device(s) should be already installed and recognize by Windows, before clicking the Rescan button in DPM. Click Yes on the message that pops-up.

After the scan process is finished you should be able to see your tapes in the DPM console.


That’s it for now, it was an easy job but necessary. You can now backup your applications and store them for a long period of time, and by long I mean years.

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3 thoughts on “Adding Disks and Tape Libraries to DPM 2012

  • 30/05/2016 at 16:08

    Thanks Adrian. I was hoping that DPM would do the Disk Management bit for me… a bit too optimistic I guess. Silly me! Anyhow it was useful to read your blog.

  • 04/09/2015 at 15:08

    i have dpm 2012 installed disk for backup SAN STORAGE now we need to moved all current replica from san storage to tape library and all protection group to tape library
    how we can do that


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