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Mar 11 2020

Migrating the WSUS database from WID to SQL Server

Running WSUS with the Windows Internal Database (WID) has been working great for us, for years, but if we want to have the database on a separate volume, if we want better performance, better management tools and especially being able to back it up using our internal or cloud backup tool, then we need to …

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Jan 04 2016

How to enable WinRM (HTTP) via Group Policy

Windows Remote Management or WinRM for short, exist in the Windows world for a long time and until now you probably never had anything to do with it. WinRM is a Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol, that allows hardware and operating systems, from different vendors, to interoperate. If enabled, you can run scripts, install roles and …

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Nov 19 2014

Installing and Configuring NFS on Windows Server 2012/R2

There are times when you need to access some Windows shares from Linux machines, or systems that have some Linux variations. A few methods exists on how you can do this, and NFS (Network File System) is one of them. NFS exists for a long time in Windows, starting with server 2003, and it’s still …

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Jul 07 2013

Bulk import computers into the MDT Database using PowerShell

The story of every admins life; arrive in the morning and find out that new computers need to be deployed and the existing ones upgraded. So you start preparing the images and import them in MDT; you are using MDT, right ? If not you should start, because is an awesome free tool. On side …

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Feb 03 2013

Adding and removing the GUI in Windows Server 2012

For those of you that use Server 2012 Core, I bet sometimes you want to have a management console to complete a bunch of tasks. Or if you have the full edition of server 2012 you want to remove the GUI to secure the server even more, and do things remotely. Another great feature of Windows …

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Dec 22 2012

Remote Group Policy update in Windows Server 2012

Yep, you read it right. With Windows server 2012 we can perform a Group Policy update on remote computers at once, so the 90-120 minutes interval is gone. This can be done using the Group Policy Management console or PowerShell. If you opt to use the Group Policy Management console you have some limitations like: …

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Nov 02 2012

Register virtual machines in vCenter inventory

After reinstalling or upgrading one or more of your ESX server(s) you need to register the virtual machines that you preserve in the Datastore back in to the vCenter inventory. If you have just a few machines to register in inventory you can user the graphical interface to do that, but if you have hundreds of …

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Aug 15 2012

Creating Exchange 2010 Mailbox Databases using the Exchange Management Shell

If you have a bunch of Exchange servers where you need to create some new databases, I don’t thing it’s fun to go to every one of them and create them manually. Now there is an option, and kinda of a simple one using the Exchange Management Shell which is based on PowerShell. All you have …

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Dec 21 2011

Change virtual machines network adapter using PowerCLI

A few times in my network I had to change the virtual adapter for over 500 VMs. Because a manual configuration of those VMs was not a solution, I turned to PowerCLI. To start open you PowerCLI console and connect to your vCenter Server.

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Dec 14 2011

Install Exchange 2010 with SP1 using PowerShell

I’m a big fan of Exchange, and I’m a bigger fan of PowerShell, so I taught hack…why not create a post that includes both. And here it is. I know some of you don’t like scripting, and command shells, and neither do I, but PowerShell…man ohh man it’s great. Ok enough about PowerShell, because this …

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