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Aug 06 2014

Set Up Automatic Certificate Enrollment (Autoenroll)

Managing certificates usually does not need to much intervention. Issuing and enrolling for certificates, again is a piece-of-cake… in a small environment. But if you are running more than let’s say 50 workstations and servers enrolling for certificates is a week job, if not more.

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Jun 01 2014

Integrating DaRT (8.x) with MDT (2013) and enable DaRT Remote Control

I know you like MDT, is a great deployment solution, but it gets even better if the right tools are integrated into your images. I also know that a lot of times during deployments something gets messed up, some clients get an unexpected error, a script gets stuck somewhere, and the deployment stops.

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Dec 15 2013

Creating an Offline MDT Deployment Media

Everything is working fine in your main office, you capture, you deploy, you migrate, but you have a bunch of small branch offices (10-20 PC’s) with limited bandwidth where you need to do the same thing. Well…you could just tell the people in those offices to leave their desktops and laptops on and deploy or …

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Aug 06 2013

Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 using MDT

Well…You’ve been working for a long time with Windows XP, and now you got the approval to upgrade to a newer OS, and that’s Windows 7. I can already see the smile on your face. The downside of this, is that you can’t perform a direct upgrade. First, because is not supported by Microsoft, and …

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Jun 08 2013

Configuring and managing WSUS Downstream Replica Servers

Everything is great in your environment except the bandwidth between branch offices and the main office. After investigation you noticed that during client updates the bandwidth is full, so you decided to take action. Since you have a WSUS server in the main office you started deploying one in every company’s branch office. From now …

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Mar 16 2013

Adding drivers to WinPE boot image in MDT 2010/2012

I know many of you are preparing for deploying OS’s using MDT 2010/2012 or try to capture an image of an OS, and most of the times you are successful. However, there are the non-lucky ones, that have hardware in their company that is not 100% compatible with your deployment tools. You know…every time you …

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Mar 03 2013

Creating and configuring a DHCP Superscope

Your network is growing very fast and a common problem about this is assigning IP addresses. Your DHCP server can’t lease IP’s to clients any more because there aren’t any. You might think, damn…I will need to configure the rest of the clients with static IP address or buy a new router. The solution, the …

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Dec 22 2012

Remote Group Policy update in Windows Server 2012

Yep, you read it right. With Windows server 2012 we can perform a Group Policy update on remote computers at once, so the 90-120 minutes interval is gone. This can be done using the Group Policy Management console or PowerShell. If you opt to use the Group Policy Management console you have some limitations like: …

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Nov 03 2012

Sysprep and Capture a Windows Image with MDT 2012

Since MDT 2012 is out for a while now, I taught I’ll create a post on how to capture a clean and configured OS (reference computer), so this can be deployed later to multiple machines on your network. I will show you how to capture a Windows 7 and an XP system, especially XP because …

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Sep 16 2012

Setting up a KMS Server in Windows 2008 R2

Starting with 2008 Server, Microsoft created a new way of activating volume license systems. KMS or Key Management Service activates computers using the local network. These means that Windows servers and workstations don’t have to go to Microsoft for activation, instead they use a local server for that, and only that local server is activated …

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