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Oct 29 2014

Configure Syslog on ESXi 5.x Hosts

No matter how small or how big your VMware infrastructure is, you still want to know what’s happening on your hosts, and most of the time for security reasons. You also need to be alerted in case something goes wrong or might go wrong, who’s logging in and logging out etc. All those actions I …

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Jul 13 2014

Creating and Using VMware Guest Customization Specification

I know many of you deploy a lot of  VMs in you VMware Infrastructure. Been there, and still doing that. I also know that most of you are using PowerCLI to automate the deployments to make time for some reading; but there are things that need to be done in the guest OS during the …

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Dec 01 2013

Configuring VMware High Availability (VMHA)

OK, you created your VMware cluster but the VM’s are not protected from hosts failure, and by not protected I mean your VM’s will not be automatically migrated to a working ESXi host and automatically powered on. They will be left in a powered off and not available state. The second bad thing about this …

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May 05 2013

Configuring VMware vSphere vNetwork Standard Switches

Creating or configuring networks in vSphere in not a big deal, well…not at the beginning anyway. Is going to be a big deal when you want to create a cluster, because you have to configure multiple adapters, create multiple virtual switches, port groups and so on. You will see later what I’m talking about.

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Jan 26 2013

Configuring VMware vCenter Server Alarms

Working with vCenter you saw the Alarms tab, but I don’t know how many of you touched it. Now is time to use it because is very useful when it comes to preventing incidents for your VMware infrastructure. When something goes bad, or is not in the normal parameters, an alarm is raised and you …

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Jan 26 2013

Configure vCenter Server SMTP Mail Settings

Configure an SMTP server in vCenter is not difficult at all, and all you have to do is put the server and the sender address in some boxes then click OK. Since is so easy you might think the configuration only takes 30 seconds; and you are right, if the vCenter server is joined to …

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Jan 13 2013

Installing the VMware vSphere 5.1 Web Client

Starting with VMware vCenter 5.0 there is a web client that let you manage your virtual infrastructure. Now with vCenter 5.1 that client is so enhanced that you can do all the stuff like you would in the vSphere client, and even more. For example if you want to deploy VMware vSphere Data Protection, you …

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Jan 05 2013

Installing VMware vCenter 5.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2

VMware released the new version of vCenter server which is 5.1, with new improvements and features. I’m not going to write them here to bore you, but if you want to read about what’s new you can read this paper. The vCenter server 5.1 installation in this article will use a remote SQL server for …

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Dec 01 2012

Creating a vSphere 5 Datastore Cluster

This is a great feature in vSphere 5 because you don’t have to keep an eye on the datastores anymore to balance the space for your VMs. Besides this Datastore Clusters minimizes I/O load on those datastores. Long story-short, it provides load balancing mechanisms based on I/O, space capacity, and smart virtual machine placement. To …

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Nov 18 2012

Upgrade from VMFS-3 Datastores to VMFS-5

After you upgraded your vCenter and ESX servers some things are not updated automatically. Besides VMware Tools and machine’s hardware you also need to upgrade the file system to benefit of the new enhancements and features. If you want to upgrade to the newer version of the file system all your hosts must be running …

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